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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
12/05/2018 Amiyah Danae
Alexis and Daquon Southview
08/03/2018 Reed William
Alyssa and Kelly Kettering
11/29/2018 Reagan ada
Amanda and Anthony Kettering
11/20/2018 Peyton James
Andrea and Grant Kettering
10/13/2018 Amara
Ashley & Aaron Soin
11/19/2018 Major Robert Ray
Ashlie and Nick Kettering
10/16/2018 Mollie Jo
Bobbie Jo and Nick Kettering
10/23/2018 Laurel Elise
Brooke and Ben Kettering
11/08/2018 Scarlett Nichole
Brooklyn and Tyler Kettering
12/01/2018 McKenzie Skye
Chanel & Andrew Soin
12/01/2018 Mahliak Shabazz Jr.
Danielle and Mahliak Southview
10/07/2018 Larry III
Destiny Southview
10/25/2018 Eriana Amaya
Ebony & Charles Southview
10/29/2018 Karter James
Haleigh and Fountain Kettering
11/16/2018 Aurora Marie
Kaitlin and Justin Kettering
10/25/2018 Camryn Michelle
Carter Renee
Kerisha and Charley Kettering
11/22/2018 Grayson Joel
Lauren and Edgar Southview
11/29/2018 Kaelynn Leilani
Lori and Michael Southview
10/31/2018 Emma Kate
Megan and Brandon Kettering
11/19/2018 Bruce Kent
Megan and Bruce Kettering
11/14/2018 Calvin Alexander
Megan and Joseph Kettering
11/12/2018 Jacob Matthew
Melissa and Matthew Southview
11/09/2018 Leighton Rae
Rebecca & Brandon Soin
11/25/2018 Sebastian Dean
Riki & James Soin
10/05/2018 Matthew Kenneth
Sabrina and Zachary Kettering
10/18/2018 AVA BELLE
11/29/2018 Zay'mion Lee
Sierra Southview
12/06/2018 Everly Winter Rose
Summer and Dakota Southview
10/24/2018 Grayson Allan
Tiffany and Michael Kettering
12/09/2018 Richard Jr
Tonisha Southview
10/23/2018 Sadie C.
Tori and Bradley Kettering

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