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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
11/06/2018 Brooklyn Autumn Rose
Alexa & Darryl Soin
11/15/2018 Barrett Paul
Alicia and Alex Kettering
12/09/2018 Anastasia Michelle
Annabelle and Michael Southview
12/02/2018 Ruby Alice
Brande and Walter Southview
10/18/2018 AXTON RYDER
BRITTANY Southview
10/12/2018 Kiaya Brooke
Caitlin and Austin Southview
12/03/2018 Kieran Balthazar
Corinne & Brian Soin
11/12/2018 Dominic Duran
Eliana & Christopher Soin
11/05/2018 LILY MAE
11/01/2018 Josiah Michael
Halee and Terry Kettering
10/20/2018 CAMERON LOUIS
10/16/2018 Wyatt J
Joeilee & Tyler Southview
11/08/2018 Mitchell Edward Patton
Kathleen and Patrick Kettering
12/05/2018 Harley Rae
Katrina and Tim Kettering
10/24/2018 Zayne Isaac
Kimberly Southview
10/15/2018 Easton Grey
Kristen and Rick Kettering
11/29/2018 Kharri Markeith
Kristina and Kharri Kettering
12/07/2018 Cassie Dawn
Laura and Jacob Southview
11/21/2018 Rayna Marie
Mary and Jeffrey Southview
10/24/2018 Travis Christopher
Megan and Christopher Kettering
10/30/2018 Carter Michael
Mykalea and Dylan Kettering
11/29/2018 Abigail Jade
Nicole and Justin Southview
10/25/2018 Roman
Rachel and David Kettering
12/06/2018 Felix Alexander
Rebecca and Nicholas Kettering
11/20/2018 Lucas James
Shanda and Jared Southview
11/07/2018 Zaiden Michael Lemar
Shania & Caiden Soin
SKYLAR Southview
11/19/2018 Camden
Tasha & Caleb Soin
12/05/2018 Alliah Nicole Michelle
Terriyouna and Maurice Southview

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