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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
10/23/2017 Makenna Alyse
Alyssa and Matt Kettering
10/26/2017 Alyssa Jo
Amanda and Steven Kettering
10/29/2017 Lilliana Grace
Amber and Jerry Kettering
11/18/2017 Natalia Kobe
Areli and Erion Kettering
10/19/2017 Rayna Scarlett
Ashley and Edward Kettering
10/05/2017 Sawyer Grace
Bret and Trevor Soin
10/12/2017 Branson
Brittney and Alan Soin
11/30/2017 Cruz Douglas
Brooke and Brandon Kettering
10/30/2017 Steven Robert
Chelsea & Steven Soin
11/12/2017 Joselyn Rose
Colleen and Anthony Kettering
11/15/2017 Johnathon Michael, Jr.
Danielle & Johnathon Southview
11/28/2017 Theo Scott
Elena & Tyler Soin
11/02/2017 Zavier Zayne
Elexus Southview
12/01/2017 KENNETH EADEN
11/15/2017 John Luke
Erin & James Southview
11/04/2017 Harmony Jay
Hanna & Lemenzo Soin
10/21/2017 Branson Leverette
Hannah and Michael Soin
10/20/2017 Catelynn Elizabeth
Holly and Joseph Soin
11/04/2017 Aiden Matthew
Jennifer & Anthony Southview
JOCELYN Southview
11/17/2017 Lochlan
Kaitlyn and Jakob Kettering
12/10/2017 Hallie Kay
Kayleigh and Zachary Kettering
12/02/2017 Sabrina Danielle
Krysta and Larry Kettering
10/05/2017 Bodie Joseph
Lala and Ron Soin
12/09/2017 Henry Scott
Mary and Jacob Kettering
10/26/2017 Karlei Elizabeth
McKenzie and Dakota Southview
12/10/2017 Mackenzie Renae
Miranda & Cody Southview
11/14/2017 Brinlee Marie
Paige and Brandon Kettering
11/15/2017 Harper Marie
Paige and Jeremiah Soin
10/24/2017 Oliver Rehtt
Sharon and Robert Soin
12/11/2017 Rowan Thomas
Tricia & Kelly Soin
11/21/2017 Ameer Nouh
Yasmin & Nouh Southview

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