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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
05/12/2017 JSDEN MICHAEL
ALEXIS Southview
04/20/2017 Sullivan Michael
Alyson and Cameron Kettering
04/25/2017 Rylan Jaycee
Amanda and Ryan Kettering
05/16/2017 Lyric Noelle
Antonia and Deonta Southview
04/23/2017 Emerson Lucille
April and Jason Southview
05/23/2017 Abrianna Blair
Austin and Chad Southview
05/11/2017 Presley Mae
Brehanna and Bobby Kettering
05/16/2017 Willow Lovella
Brianna and Austin Kettering
03/20/2017 Isabella Grace Anne
Brittany Kettering
04/25/2017 Violet Annette
Brittany & Aaron Southview
04/08/2017 Jaxon Michael
Brooke and John Soin
04/06/2017 Cecilia Grace
Cathryn and Dominic Southview
05/15/2017 Azaila Yvonne Marie
Chelsie and Deonte' Kettering
04/11/2017 Jace Randall
Christine and Skyler Kettering
04/18/2017 Gael Jacobo
Daniela and Martil Kettering
04/04/2017 Jaymier Joron
Derasha and Demecco Kettering
04/09/2017 Haylee Elizabeth
Elizabeth and James Kettering
05/02/2017 Baby Girl
Hannah and Luke Kettering
05/15/2017 Maverick Sheon
Jessica Southview
04/21/2017 Karlee Rae
Kayla & Jeffery Southview
04/20/2017 Emmett Cole
Kaylena & Jacob Soin
05/07/2017 Jackson James Ray
Kelly and Billy Kettering
04/24/2017 Connor Michael Thomas
Kristi and Luke Kettering
05/09/2017 Levi
Krystle Soin
03/29/2017 AnnaBelle Grace
Laticia and Justin Southview
04/02/2017 Taylor Helena
Melissa and Benjamin Kettering
05/04/2017 Asher Adam Dean
Mikaela and Adam Kettering
04/02/2017 Cole Anthony
Natalie and Austin Kettering
03/26/2017 Madeline Renee
Natalie and Jason Kettering
04/13/2017 SANTIAGO
NICOLE Southview
04/25/2017 Cora Tygrett
Sarah & Craig Southview
05/21/2017 Lincoln Mitchell
Sarah and Levi Kettering
04/28/2017 Harrison John
Sarah and Paul Kettering
03/26/2017 Amberle Rose
Sarah and Shaun Southview
05/16/2017 Nathan Roy
Shelbie and Jacob Southview
05/15/2017 Nicholas Troy
Shyanne & Andrew Southview
04/05/2017 Hadley Mae Rose
Tessa and Lonnie Kettering
04/19/2017 Jax Cortez
Whitney and Steven Kettering

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