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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
04/25/2018 Memphis Alexander
Alexis and Preston Kettering
06/09/2018 Daesyn Isiaiah Matthew
Alicia and Curtis Kettering
04/29/2018 SAGE MAGNOLIA
06/02/2018 Spencer Roy Jr.
Alyssa and Spencer Southview
06/12/2018 Leanna Marie
Amanda & Jacob Southview
04/28/2018 Easton
Amber and Brandon Kettering
06/07/2018 Paxton Ray
Brooke and Christopher Kettering
05/10/2018 Baby Girl
Carrie and Robert Kettering
05/11/2018 Avery Lillian Grace
Cheyenne and Gage Southview
05/26/2018 Rian Anthony
Claire and Anthony Kettering
06/10/2018 Addison Kay
Cortney and Tristan Kettering
05/25/2018 Rhylee
Crystal and Shane Soin
05/09/2018 Alexander Lee
Liam Michael
Dalana Kettering
04/23/2018 Leighla Elizabeth Faye
Heather and Jon Southview
04/23/2018 JRUE MARIE
IMANI Southview
04/30/2018 Robert Louis
Jade & Robert Soin
05/29/2018 Gabrielle Marie
Janelle & Nathan Southview
05/10/2018 Eila Jayne
Jayne and Jacob Kettering
05/28/2018 Asher David
Jenna and Matthew Southview
06/08/2018 Jackson David
Jessica & Jason Southview
04/11/2018 Kevin Dennis
Jessica and Cody Kettering
05/01/2018 Emma Grace
Jessica and Ian Southview
05/28/2018 Shane Matthew Ronald
Jo Ane and Sheldon Southview
04/18/2018 Bryson Thomas Lee
Kelcee and Devon Kettering
04/19/2018 Leo Clayton
Kelsey and Chase Kettering
05/22/2018 Zoey Elizabeth
Kelsey and Johnny Southview
04/24/2018 JaBryl Kyng
Kuneisha and Joseph Southview
05/09/2018 Daisy Lee
Lauryn Southview
05/30/2018 Gwendolyn Ann
Melanie and Tom Kettering
04/24/2018 Amelia Mae
Miranda and Shelby Southview
04/20/2018 GIOVONNI RAY
06/13/2018 Tristen James
Rachael and Deven Southview
05/23/2018 ANDREW RYAN
05/30/2018 Robin Loxley Hunter
Samantha and Alfonso Kettering
05/29/2018 Baby Girl
Shirali and Sunil Kettering
05/18/2018 Willow Lucille
Sonni Southview
06/07/2018 Nikolai Christopher
Tara and Ian Southview
05/01/2018 Sherman Douglas
Treionna and Sherman Southview

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