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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
03/02/2017 Thomas wood
Amanda and Thomas Kettering
02/20/2017 Abel Chase
Amber and Cole Southview
03/23/2017 Trey Saven
Angela & Tyler Southview
03/22/2017 Austin Morris
Angelica and Phillip Southview
02/13/2017 Leon Joseph
Ashley & Dustin Soin
02/14/2017 Dominic Omari
Ashley and John Southview
02/04/2017 Adlee Sue
Ashley and Kevin Kettering
02/09/2017 Isabella Nicole
Bridget Kettering
01/31/2017 Bryson Alan-Michael
Brittany and Kenneth Kettering
02/17/2017 Maxton Edward
Brittany and Kevin Kettering
02/01/2017 Bella Jay
Brooklyn and Joshua Southview
02/08/2017 AIRILIA FAITH
CHELSIE Southview
03/06/2017 Baby Girl
Elya and Drew Kettering
03/20/2017 Quinn Abigail
Hillary and Chad Kettering
03/17/2017 Olivia
Jennifer and Daniel Kettering
01/30/2017 Cash William
Bowie Everett
Jessica & David Soin
03/07/2017 Rowan Alexis
Jill and Nicholas Kettering
03/15/2017 Eden Laurel
Katrina and Nathan Kettering
02/25/2017 Emma Nicole
Kellie and James Kettering
03/07/2017 Anna Josephine
Kelly and Robert Kettering
02/10/2017 Makenna Brielle
Kylie and Alex Kettering
03/06/2017 Colt Hendrix
Megan and Adam Southview
02/26/2017 Emma Joan
Morgan and Jeremy Kettering
03/26/2017 Madeline Renee
Natalie and Jason Kettering
03/23/2017 Gavin David
Paige & Robert Southview
01/31/2017 Lilith Olivia
Paige and Arik Kettering
02/17/2017 Jaxson Elias
Rachel & Sean Southview
03/26/2017 Amberle Rose
Sarah and Shaun Southview
02/27/2017 Milan Garrett
Shinoosh and Mark Southview
03/14/2017 Jameson Samuel
Stacey and Samuel Southview
03/07/2017 Tai'jy Joelle
Stacey and Tony Southview
02/14/2017 Matilda Marie
Susan and Branden Kettering
03/23/2017 Naomi Capree
Taikila & Calvin Southview

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