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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
11/26/2018 ABIGAIL FAITH
10/30/2018 Finnegan Booker
Allison and Christopher Southview
11/12/2018 Alivia Mae
Amanda and Christopher Southview
12/05/2018 Caliape Lucille June
Amanda and Devin Southview
10/10/2018 Cali Jean
Amanda and Nick Kettering
10/26/2018 Isla Kay
Amere & Michael Soin
12/06/2018 Aria Nicole
Ashley and Jonathan Southview
11/16/2018 Perri Jean
Ashley and Tyler Southview
12/07/2018 Liam Mikael
Bhakti and Mark Kettering
10/12/2018 Elijah Robert
Bobbie and Alex Southview
11/26/2018 Collin Isaiah
Breanna Southview
12/05/2018 Gavin Joseph
Brittany and Bryan Kettering
10/09/2018 Hudson Lee
Brittany and Jacob Kettering
08/27/2018 Ava Lynn Marie
Candice and Jeremy Kettering
10/11/2018 Baby Boy
Chelsie and Deonte Kettering
10/10/2018 Athena Lei
Chelsie and Lee Southview
12/03/2018 Rlias
Christina & Spencer Soin
10/23/2018 Harper Kay
Courtney and Zachary Southview
11/15/2018 Amari Raymond Jeffrey
Elizabeth and Nathan Kettering
12/03/2018 Reid Aiden
Emily and Vaughn Kettering
11/16/2018 Christian Allen
Erin Southview
11/17/2018 Valyn Marie
Heather and Chase Kettering
11/27/2018 Brandy Ann Rene
Heidi Southview
11/29/2018 Julia Ruth
Hilary and Kyle Kettering
10/30/2018 Bailee Belle
Holly & Shawn Soin
11/09/2018 Elijah James
Jacquita and Elwood Kettering
10/31/2018 Jase Michael
Jamie and Garrett Kettering
11/28/2018 Ember Diana
Jenn and Shawn Kettering
10/23/2018 newborn boy
Jennifer and Christopher Southview
10/22/2018 HUNTER GREY
10/25/2018 Elliott Moyer
Jessica and Craig Kettering
11/17/2018 Jaxon Scott
Jessica and Kyle Southview
11/01/2018 Malaysia LeNay
Johwanna and Willie Kettering
12/01/2018 Lucy Kait
Lucas Bode
Kaitlyn and Nicholas Kettering
10/19/2018 Olivia Lorraine
Kate and Evan Kettering
10/23/2018 Prestyn James
Keyaira & Jason Soin
10/25/2018 August Ayviar
Kimberly and Devone Southview
11/19/2018 Camden Lucas
Kristen and Adam Kettering
10/30/2018 Emilyn Grace
Leslie and Jason Southview
10/31/2018 Gemma Rose
Lydia and Nathaniel Kettering
11/07/2018 Kaleigh Michelle
Mackenzie Southview
10/11/2018 Rowan James
Miranda and Donald Kettering
10/28/2018 Nolan Everett
Molly and Nathan Southview
10/27/2018 Ariyah Monique
Samara & Jerry Southview
11/13/2018 Nora Ann Marie
Sarah and Christopher Kettering
11/20/2018 Amaya Sophia
Sheila and Bryan Southview
11/27/2018 A'Nylah
Sierra and Arthur Kettering
10/15/2018 Kennedy Jo
Tiffani and Thomas Kettering
10/31/2018 GRACE ELAINE
TIFFANY Southview
10/25/2018 Noah Skye
Tomeka & Nathan Soin

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