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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
07/16/2017 Ace Christopher
Aaron and Jeremy Kettering
07/08/2017 Kane Sterling
Courtney and Sterling Kettering
07/11/2017 Bentley Alexander
Crystal and Nathaniel Southview
08/11/2017 Samuel Paul
Dena and Michael Kettering
08/17/2017 Karter Lamar
Destine and Keshawn Southview
07/02/2017 Makenna Rae
Dezaree & Jeremy Soin
07/29/2017 Lovett Taylor
Donisha Kettering
07/28/2017 Ruby Grace
Emily and Matthew Kettering
06/29/2017 Tucker Timothy Jackson
Jacqueline and Tyler Kettering
08/15/2017 Mila Ray
Jamie and Thomas Kettering
08/09/2017 Caroline & Robert
Jessica & Robert Soin
07/20/2017 Maverick William
Katherine and Bradley Southview
07/27/2017 Ta'lor Ann
Kendra and Jamiere Southview
KENYATTA Southview
07/14/2017 Josiah Martin
Marquita and Dramier Kettering
07/26/2017 Garrett Forrest
Megan and Lucas Kettering
07/24/2017 Ezra Michael Tyshaun
Melody and Richard Southview
07/05/2017 Mileena Rayne
Miranda and Justin Kettering
07/21/2017 JOSHUA OLIVER
08/09/2017 Silas Hayes
Natalie and Benjamin Southview
08/14/2017 Coleman James
Paige and Charles Kettering
06/25/2017 JULIAN QUINCY
08/06/2017 Lauren
Sara Soin
08/08/2017 William Lee
Talia and Clyde Southview
08/10/2017 Leo Alan
Taylor and Zachary Southview
07/27/2017 Legacy Lucille
Xanni and James Southview

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