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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
08/02/2017 Asa Bradford
Alexa and John Southview
08/07/2017 Kimber JoAnn
Amanda and Heath Southview
07/07/2017 Jude Washington
Andrea Kettering
07/31/2017 Baby Girl
Anissa and Matt Kettering
06/30/2017 Leland Wesley Paul
Ashley Southview
07/16/2017 Axel Kane
Ashley and Jamie Kettering
06/27/2017 Dylan Michael
Brooke and Gary Kettering
08/03/2017 NYREE BELLA
08/07/2017 Jiyaan
Chital and Matthew Soin
06/26/2017 Carter Matthew
Carson Michael
Crystal and Justin Kettering
06/15/2017 Lillian Faith
Heather and David Soin
07/28/2017 Elias Maddox-Robert
Ida and Ryan Kettering
06/21/2017 Olivia Mae
Kellie and Matthew Kettering
06/30/2017 Baby Boy
Latai'Ja and Troy Kettering
08/17/2017 Elsie Jean
Leslie and Michael Kettering
06/19/2017 Levi Jeffrey Garrett
Megan and Andrew Kettering
07/03/2017 Ashaas Sharjeel
Safia and Sharjeel Kettering
06/22/2017 Jana Rae
Staci and William Kettering
07/03/2017 Summer Shree
Tallia & Shaquiel Southview
07/01/2017 Aaron L.C. Christopher, Jr.
Taylor & Aaron Southview
07/09/2017 MACYN LYNN

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