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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
11/26/2018 LUNA RAE
11/24/2018 Brandon Curtis
Chelsie and Brandon Southview
11/22/2018 Natalie Marie
Christina and William Southview
12/06/2018 Caiden
Crystal Kettering
11/11/2018 Donovan Kane
Dasha Noel Kettering
11/24/2018 Steve Paul Jr
Dawn and Steven Sr Southview
11/05/2018 Alice Deborah Klaris
Gayle and Avraham Kettering
11/29/2018 Lucas Ryan Peirce
Hayley and Jared Southview
10/18/2018 Nickolas Logan Ray
Kaylee and Logan Kettering
11/17/2018 Amelia Jean
Kelley and Matthew Kettering
10/25/2018 Alexandria Graece
Kira and Nathan Kettering
11/20/2018 Rylan Philip
LeeAnn & Daniel Soin
11/17/2018 Evelyn Rose
Lindsay and Todd Kettering
11/02/2018 Viaan Ashish
Pooja and Ashish Southview
11/27/2018 Oakley Noelle
Randi & Jeremiah Soin
10/23/2018 Baby girl!
Trisha and Luke Kettering
10/31/2018 Charlotte Rose
Tristian and Charles Kettering

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