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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
04/08/2017 Nyla Rose
Alyia and Jason Kettering
03/25/2017 Aidan Ray
Amanda Kettering
04/20/2017 Bronson Stephen
Amanda and Logan Kettering
04/15/2017 Zachary Richard
Angela and Carl Soin
05/04/2017 Hutcher Paul
Ashley Soin
04/21/2017 Logan Patrick
Ashley & Jonathan Southview
05/16/2017 Zaria Amiyah
Autumnlee and Jaleel Kettering
05/12/2017 Bella Shay
Briar Charlotte
Beth and Brad Kettering
03/31/2017 Charlotte
Bethany & Don Soin
04/14/2017 Colden Jase
Britney and Brandon Kettering
05/09/2017 Ruby
Cesiah and Jose Southview
04/02/2017 Keifer Elias
Chelsea Southview
03/24/2017 Danell Gentry Jr
Corneisha and Danell Southview
04/20/2017 Abigail Rose
Destiny & Andy Southview
05/02/2017 Rylan Charles
Dwan and Melvin Kettering
04/14/2017 Calvin Douglas
Ellizabeth and Carl Kettering
04/21/2017 Lily Mae
Emily Southview
04/18/2017 Charlie Jane
Erin and Billy Kettering
04/13/2017 Taye Jermaine
Gina and Jermaine Soin
05/20/2017 Landen
Jamie and Joel Kettering
04/05/2017 Sebastian Elliott Layne
Jamie and Timothy Southview
05/08/2017 Skyler Lee
Jessica and Scott Kettering
04/21/2017 Larkin Jacob
Jill and Shane Kettering
05/08/2017 Harrison David
Karen and Dan Southview
04/14/2017 Landon Andrew
Kathryn & Andrew Southview
05/20/2017 Zelda Quinn
Katie and Denny Kettering
05/21/2017 Dakoda Markeya
Katisa and De'Angelo Southview
03/30/2017 Joshua Allen
Kayla and Joshua Kettering
03/27/2017 Spencer Zeke-Paul
Krista and Christopher Southview
04/18/2017 Elsie Rae
Kristi and Stefan Kettering
05/15/2017 Westen Glenn
Leigha and Zach Soin
LETICIA Southview
04/01/2017 Kai Edward
Lindsay and Tom Kettering
05/09/2017 Vincent Michael
Mary and Matthew Kettering
03/29/2017 Anna Rose
Melissa Soin
03/28/2017 Remy Mae
Michelle and Loren Kettering
05/16/2017 Charles Owen
Michelle and Matt Kettering
05/08/2017 Hudson Thomas
Molly and Matt Kettering
04/22/2017 Paisley Lyn
Natasha and Michael Soin
05/14/2017 Jaxon Ryder
Rachael and Zachary Southview
04/10/2017 Sophia Lynne
Rachel & Joshua Southview
04/25/2017 King Tavon Desean
Sasha & Tavon Southview
05/11/2017 Jesse Lee Jr.
Susan and Jesse Kettering
05/02/2017 Zaydee Sue
Sydney and Zachary Kettering
04/15/2017 Pernell Joelando, Jr.
Tiffany & Pernell, Sr. Southview
04/13/2017 KAZACK JARELL

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