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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
06/02/2017 Nyimah Elia
Angel and Julian Kettering
06/06/2017 Bradley Edward Lucas
Ashley and Mason Kettering
07/04/2017 Skyler
Brianna and Ronnie Soin
07/12/2017 Jordyn Elaine
Brigett and Stan Kettering
05/29/2017 Luca James
Caitlin and Wagner Kettering
06/09/2017 Addison Ryan
Catrina and Derek Kettering
06/25/2017 Gabriel Negan
Haley and Jacob Soin
07/03/2017 Emmalyn Nadene
Heather and Steve Kettering
06/08/2017 Savannah
Hillary and Kris Soin
06/28/2017 Ryan William
Jennifer and Joe Kettering
JESSICA Southview
07/05/2017 ANTHONY DAVID ii
07/18/2017 Makenzie Renae
Julie and Jeffrey Southview
05/31/2017 Ryker
Kayla and Sean Soin
07/15/2017 Ethan Cole
Linda and Joshua Kettering
06/23/2017 Wade Gregory
Lindsay and Grey Kettering
07/03/2017 Victoria Ann
Meagan and Christopher Kettering
07/14/2017 Autumn Rey
Megan and Nathan Kettering
05/30/2017 Brielle Michelle
Nichelle and Bryan Kettering
07/02/2017 Roman Knox
Olivia and Jared Kettering
07/01/2017 Ezra Ellis
Queena and Matthew Kettering
06/15/2017 Baby Boy
Ruby and Tyerrick Kettering
06/27/2017 Charlotte Anne
Sarah and Dan Kettering
07/11/2017 Roslynn Leigh Ann
Sarah and John Southview
06/14/2017 Anna Grace
Sarah and Michael Kettering
07/24/2017 Kyree Lynn
Shantelle and Barry Southview
06/16/2017 Braelynn Annette
Brynlee Alexis
Shelbi and Nicolas Southview
06/21/2017 Carter Wayne
Taylor and Cody Kettering

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