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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
04/11/2017 Liam Xander
Amber and William Southview
04/27/2017 Margaret
Amy and Matthew Kettering
03/31/2017 Kyren Lee
Anna Kettering
04/05/2017 Brielle Elizabeth
Anna and Christopher Kettering
03/26/2017 June Anne
Ashley and Derek Southview
03/30/2017 Gary Edward
Chelsia & Gary Soin
05/11/2017 Cohen Lee Joseph
Emily and Adrian Southview
03/28/2017 Remy Nikola
Jennifer and Charles Kettering
04/03/2017 Kasey Grace
Jessica and Darren Southview
04/21/2017 Steven Michael
Jessica and Shawn Kettering
04/02/2017 Rylan Briella
Kara and Steven Southview
05/01/2017 Kyle
Karin and Marcos Kettering
05/01/2017 Evelyn Corrine
Katherine and John Kettering
03/30/2017 KAILYNNE SKYE
KAYLA Southview
04/12/2017 Sara Marie
Kimberlie and Donald Soin
04/20/2017 Logan Jeffrey
Lauren & Justin Southview
03/24/2017 Silas David
Natalie and Caleb Kettering
03/24/2017 Brentlee Robert
Rachael Soin
05/19/2017 Cody Reed
Robin and Nicholas Kettering
05/11/2017 Zelda Constance
Tianna and Josh Kettering

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