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K For Life Phone Number
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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
05/05/2016 Abel Michael Ryan
Alisha and Zachary Kettering
06/30/2016 Grayson Scott
Alison and Cody Soin
07/01/2016 JAX RIVER
07/16/2016 Maya Rose
Amber and Mitchell Kettering
06/02/2016 Dezmond Robert
Blakely and Dustin Soin
06/01/2016 Justyce
Brandi and Robert Kettering
06/19/2016 Raelynn Grace
Brittney Southview
06/11/2016 Eli Scott
Cianna and Derrick Kettering
06/20/2016 Terrell Anthony
Cynthia Kettering
06/06/2016 Nora Jane
Dana and Richard Kettering
06/20/2016 Bayleigh Marie
Denise and Bryan Kettering
05/07/2016 Chasen Arthur
India and Taungan Kettering
06/29/2016 Scarlett Ivy
Jessica and Kyle Kettering
06/16/2016 Easton Clay
Karen and Daniel Kettering
06/22/2016 Braxten Wayne
Kristina and Venson Kettering
07/03/2016 Lennon Elizabeth
Lauren and Cody Soin
06/27/2016 Camden Mathew
Lindsay & Joseph Southview
06/25/2016 Ashton Cyncier
Meickial-le and Kevin Kettering
06/24/2016 Elijah Joel
Melissa and Aaron Kettering
05/28/2016 HENRY MICHAEL
06/25/2016 Iseaha Alexander
Stephanie & Iseaha Southview

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