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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
11/07/2018 ANABELLA ROSE
11/08/2018 Lucina Violet
Amanda and Jared Southview
10/29/2018 Beckett Harrison
Amy and Robert Kettering
12/05/2018 Bennett Doc
Angel and Joshua Kettering
10/16/2018 Benjamin Eugene
Ashley & Benjamin Southview
11/20/2018 Braxton Michael Jack
Bayley & Brandon Soin
11/28/2018 Benjamin Dean
Brandi & Ben Soin
10/29/2018 Hudsen Renae
Brittany and Jason Kettering
11/02/2018 Jordan Tyler
Brooke and Austin Southview
12/05/2018 Corrie Jean Miracle
Cassandra and Weston Southview
12/03/2018 Alanni Dior
Chenayah and Alann Kettering
11/28/2018 Luka Ray
Christina and Willie Kettering
11/26/2018 Titan Layne
Courtney and Adam Kettering
12/07/2018 Steven Jerome
Crystal and Steven Kettering
10/11/2018 Annabel Lee
Elaine and Steven Kettering
10/23/2018 Penelope Jean
Emma and Justin Kettering
11/13/2018 Scarlet Skye
Evelyn and Nicholas Southview
10/23/2018 Jathan Wyatt
Hayleigh Soin
11/16/2018 Emma Grace
Jessie & Andrew Soin
10/23/2018 Shana Reign
Judy & Michael Soin
11/21/2018 Maliyah Jay
Kailey Southview
11/29/2018 Melia Noelle
Kasie and Jacob Kettering
11/21/2018 Kinsley Rose
Katelyn and Douglas Southview
12/09/2018 Amelia Lou
Laura and Craig Kettering
11/08/2018 Evelyn Kay
Lesley and Zachary Southview
12/06/2018 Logan Bradley
Michelle & Robert Soin
10/15/2018 Noah Andrew Scott
Mikayla and Andrew Kettering
10/11/2018 Isaiah Lamar
Mikhaela & Eric Soin
11/13/2018 Sean Eugene
Miranda and Sean Southview
11/06/2018 William Andrew
Nicole and Andrew Kettering
12/05/2018 Zane Donovan
Pamela and Timothy Kettering
10/16/2018 Callum Gerard
Rebecca and Thomas Kettering
11/28/2018 Hunter Cole
Taylor & Cody Soin
11/09/2018 KADE DAVID
11/08/2018 Travoris SaShawn Jr.
Toni and Travoris Kettering
11/07/2018 Holden Michael
Tresalynn and Dustin Kettering

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