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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
08/30/2018 Jahmaree Omagri
Alexus and Neval Kettering
09/09/2018 ARIAH JOANN
09/13/2018 Elijah Jeffery
Amanda and Jeff Kettering
09/23/2018 Hayden Grant
Amy and Chad Kettering
09/25/2018 Greta Marie
Amy and Joe Kettering
09/15/2018 Olivia Rose
Angela and Samuel Southview
09/24/2018 Tyson
Araci Southview
10/04/2018 Kingston Amir
Ariqa and Emory Kettering
09/20/2018 Aria Jolene
Ashley and Anthony Kettering
10/10/2018 Amanni Lee James
Autumn & Larry Soin
09/30/2018 Hensli
Briston & todd Soin
08/30/2018 Milo Wilder
Brittany and Austin Soin
09/04/2018 Mason
Brittany and Lee Kettering
09/14/2018 De'Andre James
Brittany and Ryan Kettering
09/18/2018 Crew Carden
Carly and Jordan Kettering
09/08/2018 Isabella Ruthanne
Cassandra and Brandon Kettering
10/17/2018 Jedd Ezra
Claire and Jean-Paul Kettering
08/30/2018 Oakley Mae
Courtney and Anthony Southview
09/11/2018 Jaxon Lucas Roger
Courtney and Preston Southview
09/15/2018 Brooklyn Elizabeth
Desiree and Caleb Kettering
08/28/2018 Gemma Louise
Devyn and Richard Kettering
10/20/2018 LANDON JOSEF
10/14/2018 McKenna Leah
Erica and Joe Kettering
09/27/2018 Preston Edwin
Gina and Justin Kettering
09/21/2018 WINTER ELAINE
09/21/2018 Jariya Tarcie
Jasha and Ryan Kettering
09/01/2018 Addilynn Yvette
Jessica and Greg Kettering
09/08/2018 Harry
Jessica and Harry Southview
09/16/2018 KYLIE ANN
09/28/2018 Liam Myles
Kaitlin & Blake Southview
09/07/2018 Brantley Case
Kari and Bradley Kettering
09/08/2018 Kipley Kay
Kayla and Michael Kettering
10/04/2018 Baby Boy
Kelsee and Joshua Kettering
08/29/2018 Kamille Chenelle
Kenyatta and LaMonte Kettering
10/02/2018 Rilynn Kelsie
Kimberley Southview
09/27/2018 Genesis Regginae
Lakeshia and John Southview
08/28/2018 Dahlia Saige
Lindsay and Victor Soin
09/15/2018 Amelia Rose
Lindsey and Dustin Southview
10/09/2018 Reagan Sloan
Mariah and Steven Southview
08/17/2018 Ri'Lynn Marie
Marissa and Brandon Kettering
10/01/2018 Za'karra Elizabeth Kaylynn
Megan and Daniel Southview
09/13/2018 Whitley Ellen
Megan and Jeremy Kettering
09/04/2018 Kasen James
Megan and Joshua Southview
09/10/2018 Kohen Alan
Megan and Rex Kettering
09/18/2018 Oliver Duffy
Rebecca and Chris Kettering
10/10/2018 Eleanor Rose
Renee and Alfred Kettering
09/15/2018 LaRiyah Lasha
Rian Southview
09/20/2018 Charlotte Juliette
Samantha and Brian Kettering
09/11/2018 Audrey LaRue
Samantha and Dustin Southview
07/31/2018 Nova Ellen
Sarah and Justin Kettering
09/15/2018 Kennedy Daisy Louise
Savannah and Isaiah Southview
09/19/2018 Zariah Louise
Shelly Southview
09/21/2018 Journey Monique
Terria & Jason Soin

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