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Birth Date
Baby's Name
03/07/2014 WYATT VAUGHN
AMANDA Southview
03/17/2014 Elijah Pierce
Amanda and Derrick Southview
03/06/2014 Weston Alan
Amanda and Joshua Southview
03/18/2014 Greyson Xander
Amy and Jake Southview
02/20/2014 Parker James
Ashley and Adam Kettering
04/22/2014 Hailey Marie
Ashley and Matthew Kettering
03/13/2014 Bentley
Britani and Cody Soin
03/02/2014 Allison Marie
Britanie and Zachary Kettering
03/31/2014 Charleigh Grace
Brittany and Caleb Southview
03/26/2014 JACKSON LEE
04/03/2014 Wayde Thomas
Carissa and Ernie Kettering
02/24/2014 Cleveland Hector
Catherine and Steven Kettering
03/31/2014 Berkley James
Crystal and Adam Kettering
04/08/2014 Brennan Brown
DeAnna and Frank Kettering
04/10/2014 HAILEY AMIYAH
02/20/2014 Gavin Shea
Desirae and Zachery Kettering
04/07/2014 Yulia Grace
Elisabeth and Charles Southview
02/21/2014 Brayden Lee
Emily and Robbie Kettering
03/03/2014 Jaxon Carter
Erika and Tommy Kettering
03/11/2014 Sylvia Lynn
Jamie and William Kettering
04/19/2014 Jace Michael
Jennifer and John Kettering
02/28/2014 Camden Sean
Jeri and Bradley Kettering
04/08/2014 Lincoln Dayne
Jessica and Jacob Kettering
03/12/2014 Everett Michael
Jessica and Kurt Kettering
04/07/2014 Heilynd Brooke
Kaitlin and Shane Kettering
02/13/2014 Wyatt
Kate and David Soin
03/09/2014 Lincoln Edward
Kathy and Chad Kettering
04/05/2014 Newborn Girl
Kimberly and Jerry Southview
04/04/2014 Parker Zane
Jason Connor
Kristen and Nicholas Kettering
03/28/2014 Isabella Marie
Leah and Ronald Kettering
03/06/2014 Anthony Wayne
Lindsey and Anthony Kettering
04/16/2014 Baby Boy
Loveleen and Amandeep Kettering
04/17/2014 Maria Rose
Lydia and Robert Kettering
02/21/2014 Carson William
Michelle and Justin Kettering
04/02/2014 Benjamin James
Rachel and Jon Kettering
03/10/2014 Brooklyn Jean
Rebecca and Ryan Southview
03/08/2014 CAMDEN KALE
03/03/2014 Nolan Alexander
Sally and Kevin Kettering
03/31/2014 Levi
Sara and Wilburn Soin
02/28/2014 Zayden river
Sarah and Todd Southview
04/05/2014 Fre'ya Ranae Ann
Sheana and Jason Kettering
04/09/2014 CADE LEE
SONJA Southview
02/25/2014 Mara Lynn Augustine
Stacey and Alan Kettering
02/23/2014 Preston Donald
Stacie and Corey Kettering
03/06/2014 Elizabeth Harper
Sydney and Dalton Kettering
03/19/2014 Ca'leah Willa
Tiffany and Christopher Southview
03/21/2014 ELLIE RENEE
VANESSA Southview
04/20/2014 Caleb Simon
Yu and Stefan Kettering

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