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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
02/02/2017 Everett James
Alexandra and Adam Southview
01/24/2017 Deliahlya Viol;et
Alisa and Matthew Southview
01/27/2017 Grayson Scott
Amanda & Aaron Southview
01/18/2017 Lincoln Samson
Amber and Nicholas Kettering
02/04/2017 Jameson
Brittany and Robert Kettering
01/23/2017 Evalynn Clair Grace
Brittiny Soin
02/03/2017 Owen William
Brittney and William Kettering
12/28/2016 Peter Michael
Caitlin and Brandon Kettering
02/01/2017 Charley Anne
Catherine and Phillip Southview
01/17/2017 Karter Rae
Chelcie and Nathan Kettering
12/30/2016 Jeremaih Daniel
Christina & Donnie Soin
12/22/2016 Jaiden Lemar
Chrysta and Jairus Soin
01/21/2017 Faith Rae
Cora and Ryan Southview
01/14/2017 Cohen William
Courtney and Jacob Kettering
01/25/2017 Damario Javon
Dahnae and Damario Soin
01/02/2017 Ty'lynn Raye
Danielle and Tyray Southview
01/26/2017 Denver Marie
Daria and Demonta Kettering
02/15/2017 Ian Michael Jr.
Demitria and Ian Kettering
02/20/2017 Molly Elizabeth
Elizabeth and Christopher Kettering
01/14/2017 Avery Rose Nicole
Fallon and Zachary Southview
12/22/2016 Karlie Marie
Heathr and Kaleb Soin
01/19/2017 Charli Sophia
Jennifer and Kevin Kettering
01/11/2017 Tyler Anthony
Kara and Nicholas Kettering
01/02/2017 Charles Paul
Kathleen and Andrew Kettering
02/14/2017 Jackie Allen IV
Kaycee and Jackie Southview
01/12/2017 Kameron Kristofer
Kristen and Kameron Kettering
02/18/2017 Gunner J
Kristina & Jeremy Soin
01/21/2017 Walter J
Lola and Joshua Southview
12/30/2016 Makayla Raelynn
Mandy and Nathan Kettering
02/05/2017 Michael James
Maryann and Cameron Southview
12/28/2016 Madelyn Ann
Megan and Michael Kettering
02/13/2017 Ke'ira Le'Ann
Melissa Kettering
02/17/2017 Collin James
Michele and Adam Kettering
01/16/2017 Bazely Avril
Paige and Seneca Southview
12/31/2016 SOPHIA ROGINA
02/10/2017 OLIVER LEE
12/29/2016 Carter Jake
Sierra and Michael Southview
02/13/2017 Ella Claire
Sydney Kettering
12/28/2016 Zulamae Belle
Tara and Dave Kettering

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