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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
10/13/2018 Elijah
Alexandria & Dillih Soin
11/22/2018 Beckhan
Angel & Ramico Soin
11/14/2018 Kyler Flex L
Angela and Chad Southview
11/17/2018 Amelia Marie Rae
Ashley and Ben Kettering
12/05/2018 Izabella Finley Opal
Cassidy and Kevin Kettering
10/15/2018 Danielle Jua
Catherine and Dominick Kettering
10/25/2018 Siere Hasson
Charleva and Sirharrison Southview
10/30/2018 Mayla
Cyerra & Clinton Soin
11/25/2018 Anthony Javon
Dina and Anthony Kettering
10/25/2018 Michael and Todd
Heidi and Todd Southview
12/06/2018 Landyn Ezra
Holly Kettering
12/05/2018 Amina-Jolie
Imani Southview
12/05/2018 Joy Rayne
Jabria and Joshua Kettering
11/21/2018 Audrianna Grace
Jennifer and Gregory Southview
11/23/2018 Easton Lee
Jennifer and Jason Kettering
12/06/2018 Bristol
Kasee & Bradley Soin
10/16/2018 Wade Wonder
Kimberly and Clint Kettering
11/08/2018 Cooper Lee
Kirsten Southview
10/22/2018 Christian Jay
Lacey and Jay Kettering
11/24/2018 McKenna Isabelle
Lisa and Trevor Southview
11/24/2018 Ahmed
Marawa & Mustafa Soin
10/16/2018 Qusay Basem
Rahaf & Basem Southview
10/26/2018 Jerry Michael
Rhoda & Philip Southview

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