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Medical Students

LLU online

LLU Benefits & Curriculum

Available for 4th year medical students.
Efficiency apartments are provided at no cost to you, conveniently located close to the hospital in a clean, safe neighborhood.
A stipend for meals provided while on duty.
A car will be provided upon proof of valid driver's license.
The Medical Library is available 24/7 and provides a place to study or connect to the internet.
The application for the 2017 Summer Externship is now closed. The deadline to submit applications was March 24. Notices will be sent to all applicants informing them of their status by April 14. Thank you for your interest in our Summer Externship Program.

Summer Externship begins in June 2017 and ends in August 2017. The Summer Externship is available for medical students who have completed their first year of medical school and will be entering their second year only. Summer externships are two week sessions at Kettering Medical Center located at 3535 Southern Blvd., Kettering, OH 45429.

Contact: Kathleen Mayer, (937) 395-8063

Summer Externship Objectives
To allow Medical Students to be exposed/shadow Clinical Medicine early in their careers, and to explore diverse and innovative practice/educational opportunities that include various specialties.

Summer Externship Sponsor
Internal Medicine/Transitional Year Residencies, Graduate Medical Education, Kettering Medical Center.

Rotation Information
The schedule for the student's two weeks stay is very flexible. Although there are numerous options, the MSI student can choose to spend time in one specialty or several. The scheduling will, however, be in direct relationship to the various physicians schedule availability. If the student wants to spend more time with a medicine team, that is an option as well. Also available for rotation in ambulatory medicine is the Sycamore Primary Care facility located on the Sycamore Medical Center campus about 7 miles from Kettering. MSI students are strongly encouraged to attend noon conference in the Kettering Medical Education Department or watch the televised sessions from the Medical Library at Sycamore Medical Center.

If the student needs housing, an individual apartment will be offered at no cost. A meal plan is provided at the medical center, and a car is available for use during the externship as well. Free parking is available and there is 24/7 access to the Medical Library.

(Other rotations may be considered upon request)

GI Lab
Cardiology/Cath Lab

Additional Learning Opportunities
(Other rotations may be considered upon request)

Emergency Medicine
Nuclear Medicine
Indigent Clinic
Labor & Delivery
Surgery Observations
Ambulatory Medicine

Other Information
  • Students must have a valid driver's license and proof of car insurance to be accepted as they are responsible for transporting themselves
  • Please bring a white coat and stethoscope
  • The most convenient airport to fly into is Dayton International
  • We are unable to provide accommodations for family members, friends or pets

Comments from Last Year's Summer Externship Students
  • "...Kettering really treated their residents well plus people/staff seemed very happy and friendly."
  • "Very valuable in putting into perspective things I only read about in books."
  • "Beneficial in learning more about what I enjoy in medicine and helpful in specialty decision making."
  • "Everyone was very kind, helpful, and went out of their way to make the experience a valuable one."
  • "Good instruction and information from attendings."
  • "Enjoyed working with a team of attendings and residents."
  • "Saw how physicians practice medicine in the real world."
  • "Great networking opportunity."

You have several options to visit and explore our programs one-on-one, with opportunities to talk with residents and faculty. In addition to one day interviews, you can check out our programs through informal visits or...

Senior Electives - Apply Now
Applicants must be from AOA/COCA or LCME approved schools.

Electives last from one to two months. To reduce the expense of visiting Kettering Medical Center and the Dayton area, we provide students with a meal plan at the medical center while on rotation.

Senior Elective Choices

Internal Medicine
General Internal Medicine

IM Subspecialties Including:
Addiction Medicine
Infectious Diseases


*Others available by request

Internal Medicine Rotations - Kathleen Mayer
(937) 395-8063 - Email Kathleen

Emergency Medicine - Lynn DeWine - (937) 395-8839
For more information on Emergency Medicine rotations, go to

Surgery - Carlene Hunt - (937) 395-8686

Contacts:  Email Us

Kathleen Mayer
Recruitment/Student Coordinator
Internal Medicine/Transitional
Yr Residency Programs
(800) 203-8925 - or - (937) 395-8063

Jenny Fitzpatrick
Internal Medicine/Transitional
Yr Residency Program Coord.
(937) 395-8997