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Heart Tests and Screening Options

Schedule a 30-minute heart screen with us, it could save your life.
These five simple heart screens will determine your risk for heart disease, and give you and your doctor more information about what steps you need to take to improve heart health. Find screening availability dates for the healthy hearts and healthy artery screenings on the bottom of the page.

Call 937-395-8492 to schedule a screening today.


Cost: $25; $40 with EKG

More than one-third of U.S. adults have a combination of health conditions known as metabolic syndrome. This dangerous mix is extremely common and increases the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Metabolic syndrome is identified when an individual has high blood pressure, certain abnormal cholesterol levels, increased levels of blood sugar, and a wider waist circumference.

Find out if you have metabolic syndrome and what can be done about it. Healthy Hearts Screen is a quick and easy screen that measures cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood pressure, and other risk factors for heart disease. It includes a cardiovascular health plan consultation.

Cost: Four exam package $139

Non-invasive ultrasound screening finds early artery thickening, plaque and abnormal blood flow in arteries prone to plaque forming. Scans look inside the arteries to show risk for stroke, heart disease and determine vascular aging. This screening is for anyone age 40 or over, younger if you have family history of heart disease, have abnormal cholesterol, or diabetes.

Cost: $15. Available Monday-Friday

Heart rhythm and other abnormalities can be detected with this quick and easy test. The test takes only minutes and requires no preparation.

Cost: $99. Available Monday-Friday

This CT scan is recommended for men and women with a strong family history of heart disease. This test detects coronary artery calcium. Early detection and treatment may prevent a heart attack.

An enhanced and complete evaluation and health plan!

This easy two visit program will accurately assess your risk for heart disease. Your initial evaluation visit includes a multi-test package: non-invasive heart calcium CT scan, 12 lead EKG, detailed lipid profile including breakdown of HDL and LDL particle type affecting artery walls, triglycerides, blood sugar average (Hgb A1c), vitamin D level, artery inflammation tests (hs CRP, MPO), body mass index, blood pressure, and heart risk scores).

Your results visit includes a one on one review and a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan.

On-line support tools help you to continue your healthy heart goals.

Complete evaluation cost: $399
Lab only option cost $246

Upcoming Heart Screens

Request - Date Type of Screen Locations
Request - Jan 08 Advanced Heart Screen Kettering Medical Center
Request - Jan 08 Healthy Hearts Basic Screening Kettering Medical Center
Request - Jan 11 Healthy Arteries Screen Kettering Medical Center
Request - Jan 17 Healthy Arteries Screen Sugarcreek Health Center
Request - Jan 22 Advanced Heart Screen Kettering Medical Center
Request - Jan 22 Healthy Hearts Basic Screening Kettering Medical Center
Request - Jan 24 Healthy Arteries Plus Soin Medical Center
Request - Jan 30 Healthy Arteries Screen Springfield Health Center
Request - Feb 01 Advanced Heart Screen Kettering Medical Center
Request - Feb 04 Healthy Arteries Plus Kettering Medical Center
Request - Feb 05 Advanced Heart Screen Kettering Medical Center
Request - Feb 05 Healthy Hearts Basic Screening Kettering Medical Center
Request - Feb 14 Healthy Arteries Screen Soin Medical Center
Request - Feb 15 Healthy Arteries Screen Grandview Medical Center
More Coming Soon...

All heart screen test results are sent to your primary care physician. Don't have a primary care physician?  Find one here.