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Hand & Arm Rehabilitation

Hand therapy is a specialty that has grown from occupational therapy and physical therapy. The blending of occupational and physical therapy creates a specialty that provides quality rehab of the hand and arm. Therapists must meet education and experience requirements to become certified hand therapists through the Hand Therapy Certification Commission.

Our staff from around the network is dedicated to providing complete and customized evaluation and treatment to patients with hand and arm dysfunction resulting from trauma, disease, medical or surgical conditions.

These conditions include, but are not limited to, strains and sprains, burns, repetitive stress disorders, tendon and ligament injuries, fractures, congenital disorders, amputations and arthritis.

Hand & Arm Rehabilitation Locations

Beavercreek Health Center

(937) 558-3010

Fort Hamilton Hospital

(513) 867-2473

Grandview Medical Center

(937) 723-3238

Kettering Sports Med - Lincoln Park

(937) 312-8100

Kettering Sports Med - Tipp City

(937) 669-5757

Kettering Sports Med - Woodman

(937) 531-6777

Sycamore Medical Center

(937) 384-8783

Yankee Medical Center

(937) 401-6515

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