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Internal Medicine Residency

The Internal Medicine residency is a 3 year, Option 1 program.

To apply for an externship, please click here.

Program Director

Greggory Volk, DO
Medical Education
405 W. Grand Ave.
Dayton, OH 45405

Phone: (800) 497-1559
Fax: (937) 723-5017

Dr. Volk is a graduate of Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his internship and internal medicine residency at Grandview Hospital, where he was Intern of the Year and Resident of the Year (twice).

Dr. Volk has served as the Internal Medicine program director since 2007.  Dr. Volk is the 2011 recipient of the ACOI's Internist of the Year Award.

Dr. Volk's research interests include obesity, dyspepsia, and irritable bowel syndrome.


Approved: 15
Funded: 15
Filled: 5 OGME1, 4 OGME2, 4 OGME3

Program Overview

For over 80 years, Grandview Hospital has been offering quality osteopathic healthcare to the residents of west central Ohio. The department of internal medicine and its associated residency-training program has been an integral part of that community service.

Now a member of the larger Kettering Health Network, an association of four hospitals consisting of over 1000 beds and more than 700 physicians, Grandview Hospital remains one of the largest osteopathic teaching hospitals in the United States. It is located in Dayton, Ohio, a mid-sized city with a long history of innovation.

Grandview Hospital has been the recipient of many quality awards over the past decade. The department of internal medicine is particularly proud of being named for three years by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top fifty respiratory hospitals in the country. As a result of the care provided by graduates of this program, our hospital is listed with some of the most recognized teaching and research facilities in the world.

The Grandview Hospital internal medicine residency program is approved by the AOA for eight residents. Our teaching panel consists of over 50 board certified or board eligible DO/MD faculty members. The faculty is composed of highly motivated individuals who contribute significantly to the growth and development of our residents.

The Grandview Foundation provided the internal medicine program with a five-year development grant (ending 2007) that resulted in much of the program we have today. Appropriate funding was allocated to develop a faculty system, where the highest level (consisting of the program director and the program coordinators) provide approximately 100 contact hours per month in the areas of administration, academics, research, ambulatory care, osteopathic principles, and professional leadership/business management.

Accompanying this improved residency program structure is an exciting new curriculum.

Opened July 2003, the 13,000 square foot Cassano Community Health Center houses the internal medicine clinic. This state of the art building allows us to provide quality care to the citizens of the city of Dayton. It includes on site facilities for education, radiology and laboratory services. We share this facility with family medicine, neurology, ENT, surgery, obstetrics, and orthopedics.

Our board certification rate remains high and numerous graduates of the program have obtained quality positions in AOA and ACGME subspecialty training programs. Many of our graduates have chosen to practice as 'traditional' Osteopathic internists, providing excellent office and hospital based care.

Program Description

Grandview Hospital offers a three year general internal medicine training program with strong emphasis upon the unique role of the osteopathic internist as a ‘bridge’ between primary care and specialty care physicians. The role of the osteopathic internist as a consultant is of significant concern, and preparation of the resident to provide both ambulatory and hospital-based consultation is a primary goal of the training program.

The training program offers individuals a career that combines ambulatory and hospital medicine and can be used as an endpoint for practice or as a bridge to subspecialty training.

Highly dedicated volunteer faculty support the program. The core faculty consists of eight board-certified or board-eligible general internists. In addition, a number of board certified/eligible subspecialty physicians participate on a regular basis, including:

  • cardiology (7)/electrophysiology (1)
  • nephrology (5)
  • oncology (3)
  • pulmonary (3)/critical care (1)
  • rheumatology (1)
  • infectious disease (2)
  • dermatology (2)
  • neurology (5)
  • allergy (1)
  • endocrinology (2)

Four compensated board-certified general internists support the ambulatory continuity care clinic , which operates one day per week.

The program is approved by the AOA for 15 residency positions. We currently have 13 positions filled:

(5) PGY1 interns

(4) PGY2 residents

(4) PGY3 residents

Based upon the success of the program, it is our desire to increase the number of positions to twelve should additional funding be acquired.


The current structure creates a core faculty, which includes the program director, and the program coordinators. The department of medical education, the department of internal medicine, and suggestions from the resident physicians, selects the former, while the latter are selected by the program director with input from the department of internal medicine and suggestions from the resident physicians.

The program director is directly responsible for the oversight of the academic curriculum and the ambulatory care experience.

The program coordinators include:

  • Business of Medicine Coordinator
  • Clinical Reasoning Program Coordinator
  • Osteopathic Principles & Practice Coordinator

The associate faculty includes approximately 20 physicians who participate at the request of the program director or the program coordinators. Their participation includes:

  • attending board/book review
  • attending grand rounds
  • attending journal club
  • attending lectures/tumor board
  • providing lectures/tumor board

The affiliate faculty is selected from GVH/SVH medical staff. This group provides the rotation-based resident inpatient/outpatient resident training.

Faculty development is an ongoing process and includes such areas as:

  • mentoring skills/leadership/personal development skills
  • basic science/evidence-based clinical knowledge
  • billing/coding/documentation
  • information technology and business management skills

Academic-Clinic Master Schedule

A daily morning report takes place at Grandview Hospital. In general an educational activity follows the patient report.

7:15-7:45 Morning Report/Ambulatory Medicine lectures
8:00-12:00 AM Ambulatory Clinic Session
1:00-5:00 PM Ambulatory Clinic Session
*the clinic operates minimum 48 weeks per year

7:15-8:00 Morning Report/DVD series Care of the Hospitalized Patient or Perioperative Patient
1:00-5:00 Nephrology/IM Clinic
6:00-9:00 Clinical Reasoning/Journal Club (4the week only)

Week 1
7:15-8:00 Morning Report – Directed by Internal Medicine Resident
8:15-9:15 MKSAP Textbook Review
9:15-10:00 MKSAP Board Review/Mini-lectures
10:15-11:45 Business of Medicine
12:00-12:50 Tumor Board

Week 2
7:15-8:00 Morning Report – Directed by Internal Medicine Resident
8:15-9:15 MKSAP Textbook Review
9:15-10:00 MKSAP Board Review/Mini-lectures
10:15-11:45 Clinical Reasoning/Patient Care or Discharge Summary
12:00-12:50 Internal Medicine Lecture
5:30-6:45 Clinical Reasoning/Mortality Process Review

Week 3
7:15-8:00 Morning Report – Directed by Internal Medicine Resident
8:15-9:15 MKSAP Textbook Review
9:15-10:00 MKSAP Board Review/Mini-lectures
10:15-11:45 ExamMaster Review
12:00-12:50 Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Week 4
7:15-8:00 Morning Report – Directed by Internal Medicine Resident
8:00-8:50 MKSAP Textbook Review
9:15-10:00 MKSAP Board Review/Mini-lectures
10:15-11:45 Clinical Reasoning/Mortality Review
12:00-12:50 Internal Medicine Lecture

Week 5
7:15-8:00 Morning Report – Directed by Internal Medicine Resident
8:00-10:00 Coordinator’s Meeting/Resident Mortality Review
10:00-12:00 Quarterly Evaluations
12:00-12:50 Miscellaneous

7:15-8:00 Morning Report
Clinical Reasoning/Admission Process Review

7:15-8:00 Morning Report
EM/IM Interface
Cardiology Morning Report (Normally given by Cardiology Fellow)

Grandview Medical Education

405 W Grand Ave
Dayton, OH 45405
(937) 723-3248
(800) 497-1559

Fax: (937) 723-5017

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