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Family Medicine Residency

The Family Medicine residency is a 3 year, OGME-1/R program.

To apply for an externship, please click here.

2013-2014 Residents

Program Director

James Schoen, DO
Medical Education, 405 W. Grand Ave., Dayton, OH 45405
Phone: (937) 723-3248
Fax: (937) 723-5017


Approved: 12
Funded: 12
Filled: 4 OGME-1, 4 OGME-2, 4 OGME-3

Program Description

The Family Medicine Residency program at Grandview Medical Center is one that strives for educational excellence.  Academic sessions are held each week on a rotating schedule to include lectures, OMM clinic, book review and case study, board review, evidence-based journal review, journal club, and resident forum.

At the Victor J. Cassano, Sr. Community Health Center, the family medicine residents serve as the primary care providers under direct supervision. The Victor J. Cassano Community Health Center opened in August 2003 and is one of the finest primary care teaching facilities in the profession. It offers unsurpassed technology, a superb teaching staff, an innovative curriculum and a design to train osteopathic physicians as primary care leaders in their communities.

Grandview Medical Center is university affiliated with the OUCOM and CORE. Flexibility in rotation selection can accommodate individual professional practice goals with diverse clinical opportunities from within the Grandview network as well as from outside rotations.

Requirements for Admission

  • Graduation from a college of osteopathic medicine approved by the American Osteopathic Association.
  • Satisfactory completion of an internship in a hospital approved for intern training by the American Osteopathic Association.
  • Membership, of good standing, in the American Osteopathic Association and the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.
  • Licensure to practice osteopathic medicine in the state of Ohio . Otherwise, the resident must secure from the State Medical Board of Ohio, a certificate granting the right to practice osteopathic medicine while enrolled in a residency program at Grandview Hospital .
  • Submission of grades from the College of Osteopathic Medicine graduated.
  • The following letters of recommendation are required:
    • One letter from the Dean of the Osteopathic College from which the applicant graduated.
    • One letter from the DME of the internship hospital.
    • One letter from each of three members of the hospital staff in which the applicant interned, with one from a member engaged in the practice of family medicine.
  • Personal interview with the Program Director and the Family Medicine Residency Committee of Grandview Hospital.
  • After the completion of the application, in compliance with the above requirements, selection will be based on the candidate's academic ability, his/her personality, and desire, aptitude and attitude towards delivering primary health care in the area of family medicine. Race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, physical disability, or sexual orientation shall not influence the selection of applicants to the program.

Residency Curriculum

OGME-1 Curriculum:

  • Internal Medicine @ Southview Medical Center (assigned to one of two IM groups) - 4 weeks
  • IM Admits at Grandview Medical Center - 4 weeks
  • IM Consults at GVMC - 4 weeks
  • OBGYN @ SVMC - 4 weeks
  • EKG @ GVMC - 2 weeks
  • Radiology @ GVMC - 2 weeks
  • Inpatient Pediatrics at Dayton Children’s Hospital - 4 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine @ GVMC - 4 weeks
  • General Surgery @ GVMC - 4 weeks
  • House nights @ GVMC - 4 weeks
  • Inpatient IM subspecialty elective @ GVMC - 4 weeks
  • Inpatient IM subspecialty elective @ GVMC - 4 weeks
  • Family Medicine with local DOs (assigned) - 4 weeks
  • Elective of choice (with program director approval) - 4 weeks

OGME-2 Curriculum:

  • Community Medicine - 4 weeks
  • Neonatology @ SVMC - 2 weeks
  • Outpatient Radiology - 2 weeks
  • Scholarly Project/Research - 2 weeks
  • OBGYN - 8 weeks
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine @ DCH - 4 weeks
  • Pediatric Outpatient Medicine @ DCH - 4 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine @ SVMC
  • Sports Medicine - 4 weeks (divided into 2 separate two-week rotations)
  • IM subspecialty elective - 4 weeks
  • IM subspecialty elective - 4 weeks
  • Surgical subspecialty elective - 4 weeks
  • Surgical subspecialty elective - 4 weeks
  • Elective of choice (with PD approval) - 2 weeks

OGME-3 Curriculum:

  • Pediatric Outpatient Medicine @ DCH - 4 weeks
  • Geriatric Medicine - 4 weeks
  • Behavioral Medicine (Addiction Med or Psych) - 4 weeks
  • Family Medicine of choice (with PD approval) - 4 weeks
  • Dermatology (or IM subspecialty elective if derm already done) - 4 weeks
  • Surgical subspecialty elective - 4 weeks
  • Surgical subspecialty elective - 4 weeks
  • Electives of choice (with PD approval) - 24 weeks

Tuesday Didactic Schedule

Week 1 7am - 8am Reading (chapter assignments)
8am - Noon OMT Clinic
Week 2 7am - 8am Reading (chapter assignments)
8am - 10am Procedural skills lecture and lab
10am - Noon Osteopathic skills book review and lab
Week 3 7am - 8am Reading (chapter assignments)
8am - 9am Business book review
9am - 11am Guest speaker
11am - Noon Resident or pharmacy student case presentation
Journal Club   Third Tuesday of each month
– Except in months where there is also a family medicine department meeting - in which both will occur concurrently.
Week 4 7am - 8am Reading (chapter assignments)
8am - 10am Monograph, Pediatrics in review, Pediatric Software Use, Specialty lectures, etc.
10am - Noon Board Review using audience response system
Week 5  (when applicable)
7am - 8am Reading (chapter assignments)
8am - 9am Troubleshooting for EMR
9am - 10am Discussion of operational changes regarding PCMH implementation
11am - Noon Resident forum

Grandview Medical Education

405 W Grand Ave
Dayton, OH 45405
(937) 723-3248
(800) 497-1559

Fax: (937) 723-5017

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